About Us of Marbling Fine Arts


Marbling Fine Arts, located in Tokyo, has been in the models and miniatures business supporting the Japanese film industry for more than 42 years. We currently provide over a 90% share of the miniature effects business to the local motion picture film industry in Japan. And offers miniature effects on giant hero TV shows in China. Our work was nominated for a 7th Visual Effects Society Awards in Los Angeles in the category of “Outstanding Models/Miniatures in a Motion Picture. ”

2010 finds Marbling Fine Arts expanding to the United States. Marbling Fine Arts New England will specialize in production VFX films as well as producing models/ miniatures, props, design, weapons, armor, vehicles, airplanes, ships, and other displays and will offer the same services, standards and quality as its parent company in Japan. In 2015, Marbling Fine Arts expanded to China. In 2016, we are planning to spread out our wings in Canada.

Under the leadership of Norihiko Iwasaki and his belief in expert craftsmanship, we will make it our mission for Marbling Fine Arts, to become the premier miniature effects facility here in the United States. Our goal is to maintain the Japanese tradition mixed with new technology to create effective scene on future films and TV shows.